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Only love remains in Pandora's box after she disobeyed her God and all the bad things inside escape from it. We think this box, or better pot, is like all of us: a place where to grow good things. The EP is full of references about a return to the earth but it don't forget to be rock. We decide also to record our stuff with a 432 HZ tuning that is a more natural way of tuning instruments, according to our DNA as many people affirm.


this is a rock band


NickThe funny one. Drummer and singer, his drumming is nervous and rock. He is the social beast of the band, for this reason, they call him "shameless-man". He loves sushi and cocktail sauce.


Ivo The cool one. Bass player and singer of the band, he has played with almost everyone, but in the end always comes back home. His biggest regret is to be a bit like the 5th Beatle. He reads one essay book after the other.


PiffaThe wise one. The band’s lysergic guitar. Ask the Cubans, they know who he is. An expert in African music and bachata. He cooks an incredible risotto with herbs, he knows things about 2012 he maybe tell you.


Pandora’s Pot is an amazing CD

the disc

Printed in 500 copies it has been illustrated by Bananastudio and printed at Officina Tipografica Novepunti with an Heidelberg Stella. Every pack, binded and closed by hand, is a unique piece to collect.

You can order your copy by sending an e-mail at info@loslopez.it


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